Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hoy es un dia normal

I was feeling a bit nostalgic about high school today and decided to post a boring blog about myself. You probably notice the cute baby in the picture to the left-she's not mine. I tried really hard to have a baby before the 10 year reunion, but immaculate conceptions are surprisingly hard to come by these days. What have I been doing for the last 10 years? The first five or six years I spent seeking a degree in changing diapers and dispensing medications and in between my prestigious degree I spent a year and a half trudging through the snow in Northern Colorado. (It's actually surprising how few people will let you in the door during a blizzard when you're accompanied by a copy of (some of you may have heard of it) the Book of Mormon.) After graduating in bed pan managing, the last four years I have been trying to find my niche. Although the skiing in Salt Lake is absolutely incredible; (I recommend at least one year with a season pass to Snowbird to everyone) it was not my cup of tea. About two and a half years ago I discovered paradise (Palo Alto, CA) and don't plan on leaving any time soon (although I am getting a little tired of the CEOs at Google, Apple, Yahoo, etc. outbidding me on houses. I just don't understand why a homeowner would want 4.5 million dollars for their house, when they could sell it to me for a fraction of the price.). I wish I had known about Stanford 10 years ago; I may have applied and been egregiously rejected.
For some years now, I have been interested in saving babies all over the world. This has lead me to Argentina, the Dominican Republic, graduate school at UC San Francisco, and now Colombia. I still haven't figured out how to save all of them, but I'm working on it. I have had a few speed bumps along my road to greatness: got a really bad haircut last month, rear ended a guy, lost $5 last week, was diagnosed with some chronic autoimmune disease (feel sorry for me please), contracted mono (but not the fun way), got ripped off at the Thai-Cambodian border, lost two of my favorite roommates to Provo, UT, and got my first cavity this year. It's amazing that I have survived, but I have found that I am pretty much always happy. And I only have two regrets-I didn't take a year off after school to backpack across Europe and that I just spent 45 minutes writing this blog, when I should've been getting ready to get lost in Bogota. Hope the 10 year reunion is great; I wish I could be there to see how much weight all of us have gained and how good-looking or not your spouses are. Unfortunately, I don't have a blog, but I am on facebook occassionally, so send me a message.

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